Selling Gift Certificates as a Self-Fulfilled Products through Zenfolio

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2013 12:20PM PST
Note: This feature is only available if you subscribe to the Premium or Premium Business plan.

You may wish to add the option to sell gift certificates through your Zenfolio site. While the system does not have a built-in feature to do this, you can create your Gift Certificates as Self-fulfilled Products and adding them to your Price Lists.
1.       Create a Gallery to place all the types of Sitting Sessions you want to make available. You may want to later make a link to this gallery from the site menu. If you want it only to be seen from the site menu, you may also want to later place the Public Gallery in a Private Group.
2.       Add photos to the Gallery that represent the different types of sessions. Be sure to add Title and Caption information giving session details.

When these steps are complete you will have created a way clients can select and choose a studio sitting session of their choice. First you will need to create a Self-fulfilled Product for each type and a connecting Price List.
1.       Setup a self-fulfilled product for EACH type of gift certificate amount that you want to offer for sale. For the last four options in the process, leave them at the default setting.
2.       Add a shipping method to be used for all gift certificate products for sale. Although this is a service and nothing will be shipped, it will ensure your client will be able to place multiple gift certificates in one order. For BULKY, uncheck Not Applicable. Leave the price empty and set both the maximum number of items to 50.
3.       Create a Price List for EACH of these and then assign ONLY your gift certificate (self-fulfilled product) to each corresponding Price List. You will set your gift certificate domination price here. Make sure Cropping is set to Center or Fit. You may want to customize the presentation for each price list to only show products in one list, since there is only one product.
4.       You may want to create a text image to represent your gift certificate product, then upload each gift certificate image to one gallery.

5.       Now, assign each Price List to the corresponding Photograph in your Edit View.

Your clients will click on the photograph for the gift certificate they would like to purchase. After selecting Buy, the pop-up will display the self-fulfilled product (Gift Certificate) you have setup. When checking out the Shipping Method should show FREE if you have set the shipping method price to $0.00.
As with any Self-Fulfilled Product order, you will receive a notification that your gift certificate has been purchased, along with the customers email address. You can then create a specific Gift Certificatefor that sold product. Once you create the gift certificate, you can then email the code to the client, or an even nicer touch, print out your gift certificate and mail it to your client.