Selling to Tax-Exempt Organizations

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2013 12:20PM PST

Note: These options are for Premium and Premium Business users only.

If you are collecting tax (sales tax, VAT, other taxes) for orders shipped to a particular area, you can specify clients who are Tax-Exempt Organizations. These clients will not be taxed or have VAT applied to any order.

To designate a client as a Tax-Exempt Organization, they will need to have their contact information stored in the contact list. The e-mail address in the Contact List will be used to recognize the client who has the Tax-Exempt status. Once the information for the client appears in the contact list, it can be modified to add the Tax-Exempt status.

Applying Tax-Exempt Organization Status

  1. Under the Organizer/Client Communications, click on Contact List
  2. When editing the contact information make sure the correct e-mail address of the client who has Tax-Exempt status is entered.
  3. Check the box that says: Tax-Exempt Organization.
  4. Then check the box agreeing to the statement of responsibility.
  5. Click Save