A-Record & CNAME on Network Solutions

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2012 02:39PM PDT

The A Record allows web browsers to know the location (IP address) of your website. The settings below will point web browsers to your Zenfolio site when your Domain Name is used. Zenfolio will then direct visitors to your Zenfolio website.

The CNAME record is a type of record in the DNS which specifies that the domain name is an alias. The Alias name is the sub-domain you want to use. For example "www", or "photos" which will display as www.yourdomainname.com or photos.yourdomainname.com in the address bar of your Zenfolio site. For Network Solutions this CNAME "www" is required to be a default A Record.

Step 1

Generally, following the steps below will let you change your DNS settings:

  • Login to your Network Solutions account.
  1. Select Manage Account
  2. Click on My Domain Names.

  1. Locate your domain name and select the button Change Where Domain Points.

  1. Choose Advanced DNS.
  2. Click Continue.

  • Under IP Address click Edit A Records.

  1. Next to www, enter this in the box that appears:
  2. Next to @ (None), enter this in the box that appears:
  3. Click Continue, then on the next page confirm the request and Save Changes.

Once you have finished these settings, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be seen across the internet, so please be patient.

Step 2

Following the instructions below will direct web traffic the rest of the way – to your own Zenfolio site.

  1. Return to your Zenfolio account and log in, if necessary.
  2. Go to Preferences » Custom Domain.
  3. Select "Point a custom domain name to your Zenfolio pages."
  4. Enter your domain name. Be sure the domain you enter begins with www.
  5. Click Test DNS Setup.

If the Test comes back positive with message The domain name configured correctly, click Save and you are done.

If it comes back negative with The domain name cannot be resolved, then you will need to wait longer or check your settings at your domain registrar.

If after 48 hours your custom domain is not working, please send an email to Customer Support for assistance. Please include a screenshot of your DNS settings from inside your Domain Registrar account. See the illustrated guides for examples.