Uploading Photos & Video

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2014 07:48AM PDT

Uploading Photos & Videos

The first step in publishing your photos is making sure they are in one of the supported file formats within the maximum file size allowed. The second step is adding them to your Zenfolio account. This involves transferring the files from your computer to the Zenfolio website by uploading them. This section addresses:

​You can see the supported image file formats and the maximum file size limits on our Photo Guidelines page.

On some plans, you can also upload and store RAW image files.  Please see this link for more details.

Also see these links for more information on alternative uploading/transfer methods and for details on downloading your images back to your computer.


Uploading using built-in tools

You have a choice of two standard built-in uploaders by Zenfolio for uploading both photos and video through your browser:

Note: Uploading video is only available if you subscribe to the Unlimited, Premium, or Premium Business plan.

1. The Zenfolio Uploader, which offers automated batch uploads of many files at once.  This uploader requires a web browser than supports HTML5.
You can see a detailed step by step guide on how to use this uploader at this link.


Batch Uploader Drag and Drop

2. The Old Zenfolio Uploader, used in IE and older browsers which do not support HTML5.


3. We also have the HTML Uploader, which requires you to select files one-by-one.  This uploader will work with older and more basic web browsers.

HTML Uploader

And additionally, you also have the option of using third-party upload tools to add photos to your Zenfolio account. Video will still need to process before it can be viewed.


Uploading Video

Note: This feature is only available if you subscribe to the Unlimited, Premium, or Premium Business plan.

As with photos, to display Videos on your Zenfolio site, you will need to upload and store the video in your Zenfolio account.

In order to host video on your website, clips must meet the video guidelines specified. Video clips that meet these requirements can be uploaded to the same galleries as photos, using the build-in uploading tools.

You can see the supported video file formats and the maximum video limits on our Video Guidelines page.

Videos are uploaded using the Zenfolio Uploader.  The process is similar to uploading photos using that same uploading tool.

You can find our step by step guide on using the Zenfolio Uploader at this link.

You can also see 
this link for a video presentation on How to Upload Videos.

After you've uploaded a video, the video will need to be compressed and converted for online viewing.
These are converted to use the H.264 codec, so they may be viewed on all major platforms. The original video files are removed from the server, only the converted video files are stored in your account.  We recommend that you save a local copy of your original video file as this is not stored.

The video will be unavailable for viewing until the conversion process has been completed.  See this link for more details on the Video Processing.

Please see these links for more details on functions specific to videos: