Price Lists

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2013 03:39PM PDT

Note: This feature is exclusive to Premium account subscribers.

Price Lists allow you to define specific products offered for sale and their prices in relation to your photographs. You can create any number of price lists and assign them selectively to galleries or individual photos. With multiple price lists you can charge different amounts for different types of work. For example, you can have a special "at cost" price list and assign it to your family photos, while setting higher prices to your "for profit" work.

The process for creating, defining, and implementing price lists are as follows:

If you are ready to begin selling, please go direct to Creating and Managing Price Lists

Price list overview

The creation of a price list starts with selecting products that will be offered for sale. You can easily add all products from the list offered by our fulfillment partners, or pick and choose desired products. Some products include additional services, such as frames, mounting, or coating. After the desired products are added to the price list you can select which services will be offered to your customers and at what prices.

You will then set a markup or profit for each product. Zenfolio gives you the ultimate flexibility in pricing the products that you will be offering for sale. You can set prices as a batch operation, using a formula, or individually for each product.

Using a formula you can quickly price all products offered for sale using a combination of a fixed and percentage markup.

If you prefer to set prices directly, you can override the formula. In that case you will specify the final selling price, and the calculated profit will be shown, or specify the desired net profit, and the final selling price will be calculated.

In addition to specifying prices for prints, you will need to specify prices for additional services, such as framing, mounting, coating, etc.

Price lists also allow you to configure which additional options are available to your customers during the checkout. You can choose whether your customers can change cropping, color conversion, or select color correction. For example, if you always crop your photos perfectly for print sizes offered for sale, you would not allow your customers to change cropping.

After creating price lists you will need to assign them to galleries or photos. Price lists can be "inherited" by nested items from their parent groups or galleries for extra convenience, and you can also override price list assignment. For example, you can assign one master price list to the "root" level, which will apply to all of your galleries, but override the prices for special selection of your most successful photos.

When visitors to your galleries click the Buy button, they will see products offered for sale as specified in the price list assigned to the selected gallery or photograph.