Email Communications

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014 11:55AM PDT

Included with your Zenfolio account is the ability to store a Contacts list of your friends and clients.  You can then send emails to your contacts for use in marketing and promoting your site.

Uses for sending emails to your contacts can include:

  • Informing your clients of newly uploaded photos
  • Informing your clients of sales and coupons
  • Informing your clients of site changes and new blog posts
  • General marketing emails for a photography website

Please note that this is not the same as a general use email inbox such as gmail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail.  This does not provide an email inbox for receiving emails.

Also this does not provide a custom email address based on your custom domain.  For such an email address and service, you will need to contact a domain registrar or host.

Send a New Email

  1. Under the Organizer / Communications,select Email Communications.
  2. Click New Email. A compose e-mail window will appear.

Send Email

  1. Select the radial button for when to send the e-mail. If you choose to schedule, also select a date and time.
  2. Next to From Name and From E-mail enter your name and e-mail address is the form fields.
  3. In the To field, enter the e-mail address of the recipient or multiple recipients with commas or semicolons between each address. In the case of multiple recipients, multiple e-mails are sent out, one for each recipient. So every e-mail sent will only have one recipient listed.
  4. If you have the recipient's addresses in your contact list, use the contact list icon to select the addresses for the correct recipients.
  5. Check Add new address to the contact list if you would like new contacts to be added to your contact list.
  6. Enter a subject in the subject field.
  7. Enter your e-mail message content in the message field.
  8. Select Continue to Preview. The Preview E-mail window will open so you may verify the look of your e-mail before sending.
Please note: when sending an email to multiple recipients, separate emails will be sent to each recipient.  The recipients will not be able to view the recipients list.


View a Previously Sent Email

  1. Under the Organizer / Communications, select Email Communications.
  2. Use the dropdown menus to filter the e-mail list.
  3. Click the Send Date or the Subject of the e-mail you would like to view.