Referral program

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2014 02:43PM PDT

The referral program earns you referral credits while saving your friends money at the same time. Here’s how:

  • Zenfolio members receive a unique referral code they can share with family and friends that saves them 10% off a new Zenfolio account (any level).
  • A friend uses your code to open an account.
  • With the code, they get a 10% discount off their subscription price.
  • After they sign up you get 10% of their subscription price automatically added to your account as a credit.

 Here’s an example:

If this account was worth 100 they would only pay 90 and you would receive a credit of 10 to your account (all credits are in local currencies of either $, £, or €).


You can also earn prizes for multiple referrals. Please see the prizes below. When you reach one of these referral amounts please contact us to redeem your prize.


  • 10 referrals: Zenfolio t-shirt
  • 25 referrals: Zenfolio t-shirt and deluxe swag bag

Referral Code

Your referral code and the number of referrals you have received are displayed when you login to the Edit View of your Home Page under the Toolbox.

You can see your current account balance including referrals at any time under the Account Statement. Using the form provided under Your Referrals you may also send out referral emails to all your friends. Zenfolio will format and send these emails on your behalf, and you can preview and edit the message before sending.

Referral credits cannot be redeemed for cash, but you may use them to pay for renewing your Zenfolio account, ordering prints, or purchasing other Zenfolio services. For example, you can earn enough referrals to cover your annual renewal fees.

Also, you can tell the world you use Zenfolio by using one of these buttons on your personal Web site, blog, or in your forums signature. Please see this link to find the embed codes for the various button designs.